Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a day, started to sew early at home. Have a quilt for the Alzheimer/Parkinson org to finish. Had to meet one of the members to final the quilt appearance. She also had a quilt that I put together for her grandson (deceased by cancer at 15) memorial. Just waiting for the quilting to be finished, then I will do the binding. Meeting at noon, had to rush to the quilt shop. New fabrics and notions arrived, Lillian had those set up. Changing the shop, moving bolts of fabrics, making a craft room for bargains. Late day for the shop, quilting/sewing classes in the evening, my class cancelled, rescheduled. Mailing out the Blocks of the Month for here and Ireland to thesewingshed Hi Nikki

Lillian, Partner and Pat Lester

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Here I am starting a new adventure, Blog. At my age (70+), this is fun. My days are full with a business of quilting, sewing. Do the teaching, creating designs, set up the shop, plan new items and just have fun. Who can ask for any thing more??